Central New York Dairy Goat Society

Central New York Dairy Goat Society

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Also, remember to go to the 'Membership Directory' to find dairy goat breeders.

*Heavenly Hooves Farm: Alpine French and American does and bucks for sale.Also milkers. Contact Trudy Lombard 315-727-1887, [email protected]

 *Fool on the Hill & Rocky Rise Nubians currently offer several yearling does with a few family milkers. Herd is CAE test-negative since its beginning in 1982.  Contact Jo Ellen for details at [email protected]

*Jovial Acres has Nigerian dwarf goats for sale. Contact Jovi Tyrrell 315-806-1400 , [email protected] or [email protected], www.jovialacres.com

*Kings Run Farm has Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale. Contact Shannon Banfield at 585-613-1344, [email protected] , www.kingsrunfarm.com